First and last names combined in 1 cell. Thread starter Leila; Start date Nov 23, 2016; L. Leila New member. Joined Apr 27, 2016 Messages 3 Reaction score 0 Points 0. Nov 23, 2016 #1 I have one cell in excel which combines both fisr and last name. is there any way to break them into 2 cells. A Alamin - the trustworthy Almario - Soul saver Andrist - floor Arbaiza - a truly pure heart Addleman - nobleman Aikey - something crooked Ahlborn - Powerful Alwan - colors Ayling - prince Arenivas - adorable Albelo - appreciative Alderton - a village Aliberti - famous one in everything Allocco - foolish Abee - my father is joyful Ai - love. You can use this regex to capture the first letter of first name in group1 and first letter of lastname in group2 and replace whole match with $1$2 to get the desired string. ^\s*([a-zA-Z]).*\s+([a-zA-Z])\S+$ Explanation: ^ - Start of string \s* - Matches optional whitespace(s) ([a-zA-Z]) - Matches the first letter of firstname and captures it. Hi, If First name and last name is combined to one will it work in Users ADS. Like after creating the user Say Firstname : Sharath lastname : Suresh Displayname : Sharath Suresh If i change the display name from Displayname : SharathSuresh to this Displayname : Sharath Suresh Will it work fine. Or is there any where else i need to change. Regards Sharath ScreenShot064.bmp.

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